How do I learn English?

I thought that it would be useful if I write about the practices that I do every day to improve my English writing skill.

As a person who wants to describe himself on his blog, it is so important to have domination on the language he writes.

It’s obvious that, the core element of every personal blog is the writing; So, it’s essential to write accurate and have wide activated words.

Typing Audiobooks

I bought a few audiobooks from iTunes, like Payoff or Deep Work.

Everyday, for at least 20 minutes, I play an audiobook and try to type every single word that I understand.

This simple practice is so effective; Here is some reasons that I love it:

  • It improves your writing speed and accuracy
  • It improves your dictation
  • It is also reading a book at a very slow speed, that helps you understand the main idea deeply and remember it for a much longer time
    It also engages your mind to think about the concept through your day
  • It pours your fear of writing and encourages you to write more with less obsess
  • It shapes a new structure for your writing style and organizes your mind like a writer mind

Finally, I should say, writing form a book is one of the best and also effortful ways to learn a new language or dominate the current language that you have learned.

Listening to Podcast

In future, in another post, I will introduce you my favorite management and psychological podcasts that I hear every night before I go to sleep.

Not to mention it helps me to expand my activated words, it also many times review for me that I have learned through the day.

Because of the psychological articles are often limited and they repeat and repeat and repeat on textbooks and some podcasts.

Learning Daily One New World has introduced a list of most common words in management texts.

I think it is so useful and effective for managers that begins to learn English and want to have a richer vocabulary for negotiations and meetings.

I hope that this writing would be helpful; I’ll update it and lengthen it soon.





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