About Me

My Name is Amirhossein Bedeltavana; I am the writer of this blog.

I was born on February Second, 2000, in Shiraz.

The main reason for creating this blog was for reading more books and writing what I have learned and experienced in life somewhere.

Of course, the first and maybe even the only audience of this blog is me.

I am a person who wants to read, write and learn and also understand better the web atmosphere and its abilities, benefits, and weaknesses.

So, I don’t expect that what I write be necessarily useful for you, but if it is that would be my pleasure.

I should mention to my great teacher Mohammadreza Shabanali, who thought me a lot, changed my mindset and life in a fundamental way that I will be always happy, thankful for knowing him.

If I haven’t known him, this blog probably doesn’t exist and I probably haven’t read dozens of books and become familiar with many wonderful and brilliant worlds of thoughts and ideas.

Thus, I think I am a lucky guy.