Books that I have read (Frequently Updating)

In this post, I want to write a list of all books that I have read.

Recently, I began to read more books seriously to have more ideas for writing in this blog.

I thought maybe writing a list of all books that I have read maybe a good idea; because:

  • It motivates me to read more to lengthen the list
  • Introduce books to my dear readers

I read some of them as audiobooks and others as paperback.

Of course, some of them have Persian language and you probably are not familiar with them; I will try to find if there is an English translation; if I found something I will leave the link below.

There are dozens of uncompleted books and audiobooks that I am reading (Or listening to) simultaneously and aren’t finished yet, I will write their name below immediately after finishing them.

Here is the list and it will be updated:

Travel Literature

Nim-Dang Pyongyang by Reza Amirkhani


Animal Farm by George Orwell

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry


Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport


Zero to One by Peter Thiel


Nafahat -e- naft (an essay about oil management)

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