Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

As you probably know this is a personal blog so that means I write about my daily life, thoughts, ideas, events and-in general-everything that I am interested in it.

It is quite possible that I change my mind over time.

In fact, If I don’t change my mindset that would be a fundamental problem and a sign of a fixed, unchangeable, unlearnable mindset and personality.

Like what my teacher always said: “There are two types of people in world that never change their opinions and beliefs; Crazies and Deads”.

And I strongly believe that there is a not such a thing like “Truth”, “The fact” or “Objectivity”; or at least we couldn’t find them yet.

The only thing that we know from the universe is models of universe that describe it, Like many models in Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics.

Or even mental models like: “God created the world (including heavens and earth) in 6 days”.

Or some people believe that there is a group of powerful and mysterious humans that control all our world in their secret meetings; these unknown persons are the only responsible persons of the current situation of our world and because of their will we have some problems or others not.

We could understand and describe only “A picture” of what is going on in this magnificent world.

We can’t understand the whole of it.

So, I think human is an animal that creates “models”.

And one of the key measures of “A picture” or “model” is the ability to predict (or should I say: forecast) future.

Some models are more objective and some less; some are them more subjective and some less; some of them are more useful and some less.

I believe there is not a such thing as “pure” or “totally” objectivity.

Even most certified academic peer reviews are biased and influenced by the researchers’ opinions and initial assumptions; but for sure, there are more reliable than my opinions, mental model, and thoughts.

Obviously, because they are based on systematic methods, observation, and experiment; but mine are highly biased with Cognitive Errors and limited experiences.

After this long introduction I want to say my main point:

You may be agreeing with me in different subjects or not; you may have same experiences or not; also, you-probably-have a different background.

If you feel comfortable here and found my writings interesting, then I am so happy that have such a reader and I warmly welcome you:

But if you feel-for any reason-this is not a place that you should be, then please-instead of criticizing me or finding errors in my sentences-leave this blog and find another place in this amazing world wide web.


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