I Have Found an Effective Trick to Be Less Online

I usually by 3 or 6 gigabits data for my routine internet usage from my ISP.

But totally randomly I decided to buy the least amount of internet package which is 500 megabytes and it is too less than what I usually need.

But something amazing and extraordinary happened:

By this small change, suddenly, my internet usage dropped much more that I have expected.

I didn’t use the internet for about a half of the day and I was really amazing experience.

I had time to read my beloved book Thinking Fast & Slow, which I soon will write about it in my blog and will share the highlighted parts with you.

I finished Digital Minimalism audiobook and I enjoyed a lot by listening to Carl Newport’s ideas and thoughts.

Although I was already a digital minimalist but this simple trick helped me to spend more time in physical world and be more productive.

I have a dozen skills to learn, like understanding German and French and I also want to read thousands of books.

I have forgotten to say there is also learning Java and Python in my plan.

My current digital literature is awkward and I should learn a lot.

So, I am kind of busy person.

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