less is more

One of my major and serious problems is that I take a dozen of new actions each day:

A day I decided to continue learning German.

Another day suddenly, I think to myself that it is good If I learn working with Adobe tools.

few days later I broke my rule and decide to run my Persian or German blog.

These are only few samples of taking new actions that I do in my daily life.

It may seem at first that doing variety of task is good, but believe me, it’s not.

The more tasks you add to your daily plan, the less time you would have for each of them to accomplish.

You also experience more stress.

Because, according to Richard Lazarus definition of stress, stress is a situation that person perceptually feels that he/she doesn’t have enough number of resources.

I should take My Don’t List more serious and complete it and add a few more don’ts to it.



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