Why I decided to leave University?

Many people usually ask me about why I decided to make this decision.

What were my motivators?

Wasn’t better to earn my degree?

I mention at my profile that I left university, but I didn’t talk about the reason of it.

In this topic I want to gather my main motivators and describe them.

Not to convince somebody to leave university or convince you that my decision was right.

But to forget it and step forward to new decisions and opportunities.

Most of People that I Admire, did not Go to University

From Bill Gates to Steve Jobs, from Elon Mask to Mark Zuckerberg.

These are famous, wealthy entrepreneurs that didn’t finish their college.

Why should I go to university when people like them changed the world without finishing the college but many graduated students with dozens of degrees did not change even their life?

I don’t want to necessarily change the world, but for sure, I want to create value make my life and people around me a little bit better.

Something that many graduated (not educated) people lack.

My examples are including many entrepreneurs but not limited to them.

Chester Barnard is another example.

These examples are a lot but we can’t scientifically make conclusion form examples that if you want to be successful then leave university!

But my point is if you want to be productive, influential, pioneer you don’t have to go to university.

The path of success doesn’t necessarily go through the college.

Maybe-for a foreign reader-this sentence is obvious, but for most of people in my country is taboo.

Even if You Earn a degree, it doesn’t Make You Necessarily a Specialist



My final word is, I think being different is better than being normal; Even if the most people around you are normal and being different make you alone.

This post is uncomplete and will be finished by next few days.

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