Why I don’t like movies?

In my country it is usual that people don’t pay for the content.

It is actually one of issues that I see in our law and culture.

Not only for providers but also for consumers.

Because when you don’t pay money for a product, you can’t really understand the worth of it and it is more likely-I believe-that you ignore its other costs.

For example, po.rn is almost free but I think it’s costs for a person or even actors/actresses are so much than its benefits.

I should mention that it is only an opinion of a blogger and not and expert.

But you can see this pattern also in social media and social networks.

I think they are also because of their low cost may impact and damage our lives if we don’t restrict them or avoid using them.

Movies are for entertainment and that’s not a problem.

The problem is when those movies shape our life, mind and way of thinking and seeing world.

That’s I believe is the threat and danger of watching movies continuously.

Unlike the common belief that many people may have about the movies, they don’t reflect the reality; They are most reflect of their creator’s mind.

Include biases, errors.

Of course, book is not immune to these errors of our mind, but I think they are more reliable and more valuable for spending time for reading them.

I have a lots of ideas about this subject in my mind but I think for now is enough.


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